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Project Management

Thrixes provides project management services which includes Consultancy, Implementation and management.

We are dedicated to advancing the practice, science and profession of project management which has become indispensable for business result with the simple goal of providing the very best of business solutions. We are an active player engaged in advocacy for the profession, providing consultancy services and access to a wealth of information and resources, we execute our project inline with standard project management Methodology, skills, knowledge, tools and techniques; thereby giving us a distinct advantage in accessing new opportunities and increasing our visibility within the industry.

Project Management Overview

Thrixes Technologies basic project management processes includes : initiation – planning – execution – monitoring and control – closure

Initiation : Our project management team gets to understand the reason for the project and carefully define the aim and objectives of the customer to enable us drive their dreams which is the first stage/assignment of the project team

Planning : Before embarking on any project, we usually put quality time into planning because we believe that if you cannot plan it then you cannot achieve it and we have also realized that the success or failure of any project depends greatly on the project management plan, therefore our project planning includes

Scope : We ensure the scope statement is clearly defined and bill of quantities (BOQ) are determined based on the scope statement with prices allocated to each line item based on current market statistics

Time : We ensure timelines are determined for each stage of the work/project end date with inputs from team members

Quality : The principle of PLAN – DO – CHECK – ACT and quality/safety checklist is designed by our QA/QC team for use on site to guarantee quality and safety

Risk : We ensure a thorough risk analysis is done before the commencement of any project for the purpose of identifying possible risk thereby putting in place a risk response plan and risk owner once such risk does happen

Communication : We ensure that our communication channels and methods are made very clear, phone calls are to be followed with text messages and emails and sometimes hard copies for the removal of doubt and argument, also reports / escalations should be from bottom to top (vertical) but for emergencies / escalations it can flow horizontally

Project Management Overview

Human Resource : We ensure project team members are carefully selected based on required skills through fair human resource process

Cost : We ensure a final project cost is reached for the project via the bill of quantity (BOQ) and other project contingency before mobilization to site. We also allow a contingency and management reserve in the final budget to deal with unforeseen issues

Procurement: Our jobs are executed either directly or by our subcontractors which are screened and selected through a pre-qualification process using basic selection criteria

Execution: Our projects are executed either directly or by our subcontractors under the supervision of our experienced engineers, before mobilization to site we ensure all required drawings, manual, specification etc are available on site for the smooth execution of the project

Monitoring & Control: The execution of our projects are monitored closely by our engineers and daily progress reports sent to the office and attention are given to escalations reported

Closing: We have always maintained that no project is completed till the paper work is done. We therefore take time to close our projects with each customer and subcontractor ensuring all sign off is done and projects formally closed

These processes are adhered to by Thrixes Technologies in order to ensure tight coordination, enhance time and material efficiency for a successful delivery of our projects.

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