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Valuable Services

Engineering Services

Our clients tell us that one of the best things about working with us is that we are able to adapt to the business needs and information flow of the companies we work for, meaning we can offer value and services at any point in the engineering process.

Construction Management

Procurement and Contract Services

Fabrications of Portacabin

Digital Village Project

Management Consulting

Fixed Asset Management (Asset verification/Tagging)

IT Asset Management

RFID Solution

Pre-Printed Asset Tags (Barcode)

Security Labels

Web Solutions

IT: Systems and Networks

We are IT Professionals, we deploy, install and manage systems and networks nationwide.

IT Services

  • LAN and WAN implementation
  • PABX installation
  • IT Infrastructure Audit
  • Supply of IT Hardware
  • CCTV and Security.
  • UPS, Inverter, Solar System, Batteries

Software & Solutions

  • Antivirus Solutions
  • Windows
  • Customer Relationship Management Solution

IT Projects Implementation

IT Procurements

Telecom Services

Site acquisition and Build covering civil, tower installation.

Site Refurbishment and Remediation

Procurement of Telecommunication assets.

Shelter Repairs

Aviation Warning Light Installations

Palisade Fence Installations

Site Audit

Technical Site Survey

We are professionals in site acquisition and build covering civil, tower installation, site refurbishment and remediation, procurement of telecommunication assets etc.

Project Management

Thrixes provides project management services which includes Consultancy, Implementation and management.

We are dedicated to advancing the practice, science and profession of project management which has become indispensable for business result with the simple goal of providing the very best of business solutions. We are an active player engaged in advocacy for the profession, providing consultancy services and access to a wealth of information and resources, we execute our project inline with standard project management Methodology, skills, knowledge, tools and techniques; thereby giving us a distinct advantage in accessing new opportunities and increasing our visibility within the industry.

Health, Safety & Environment

Thrixes Technologies espouses health, safety, environment and quality as cardinal tenets of our operations. We have a comprehensive HSE & QA/QC policies which is in consonance with globally recognized standards and has received the full support and approval of our management and is currently in operations in our system.

These policies lays out an acceptable conduct of our employees and suppliers on Thrixes Technologies installations and work locations, the minimal quality specifications in every facets of the company’s operations. The consideration for the impact of the company’s operations on the immediate environment and identification of required training (like first aid) and frequency of same

Thrixes Technologies has zero tolerance for potential safety hazards like non usage of safety belts and PPE, lack of safety signs and response to fire alarms, unavailability of first aid kits, fire alarms and fire extinguishers on all locations and improper stacking of materials or channeling of cables amongst several others

In Thrixes Technologies , we believe all accidents are preventable and as such operate a zero tolerance level for them. In order to translate this belief to reality and thus ensure the safety of all our operations.

Quality Management

Our quality assurance and control policies are as follows:

To ensure that the best skilled and qualified personnel shall be engaged for the execution of our works and services and continuously monitored and supervised for effective performance of the quality management system, structured to meet the requirement defined in ISO 9001 – 2000

To ensure that quality of goods and services delivered are of the highest standard at all times conforming to local and international standards and satisfying customer’s needs or contractual requirements

All personnel are to operate in strict accordance with the quality system, performing their tasks correctly and contributing to the application and continue improvement of the quality management system.

Our Managing Director has the overall responsibility for ensuring that all personnel in the company are fully aware of the company’s quality policy and their individual responsibilities as defined in the quality manual

The company’s policy remains as follows : “All activities by individuals or teams will be planned and executed in such a way that our customer’s requirements as well as Thrixes Technologies business objectives are met safely, efficiently and cost effectively.

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