Social Media Marketing and Management

The advent of Social Media has seen platforms such as; YouTube and Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and now Pinterest and Google+ completely disrupt traditional marketing methods. Today, with social media, it’s all about communicating in groups and even via individual conversations. This means that for an organization trying to reach out to its target audiences, very different strategies now need to be employed.

Has there been a bigger buzz word than “social media” in the past 5 years? You’re told you have to partake in it for the sake of your business. You understand the importance and potential. But what most businesses really want to know is. ‘Will Social Media Marketing work for my business and if so, how?’ We can answer these questions for you.

Some of our social media marketing services include:

  1. Unique social content that matches your business’s branding & voice
  2. Full service social media management services
  3. Social media marketing analytics and performance reporting
  4. Custom-built Facebook page with cover and profile image
  5. Custom-built Twitter profile with background and profile image
  6. Assigned content manager to build social media strategy
  7. White labeled Facebook promotional campaigns

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